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The Klee Universe

The Klee Universe - Dieter Scholz, Olivier Berggruen, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Paul Klee, Christina Thomson image

Paul Klee, Eidola: weiland Philosoph. 1940 (Chalk on paper on cardboard). Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern

This is a wonderful book, the catalogue of an exhibition put on at the Nationalgalerie, Berlin, in 2008-2009. The book contains hundreds of magnificently produced (in large format) reproductions, grouped thematically, many of which fall well outside the usual canon of Klee pictures. In flipping the pages, one comes across astonishing pictures that take on special resonance and meaning by virtue of being grouped together. For example:


Bugs Bunny with Red Bow-Tie (Aufgehender Stern. 1931)


The Light and More Besides (Das Licht und Etliches. 1931)


Classical Coast (Klassische Küste. 1931)

My two reasons for docking this a star are (a) the book is out of print and the price is prohibitive; and (b) the essays, which are long and informative, though somewhat dry, are translated from the German is so turgid and mechanical a fashion, that they feel as if they've simply been run through google-translator -- to the point where they are too much of a burden to read.

Anyway, a wonderful book if you can find a copy of it somewhere

(FWIW, I bought for about $30 when it first came out -- )