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Vineland (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin)
Thomas Pynchon
Tristes Tropiques
John Weightman, Doreen Weightman, Patrick Wilcken, Claude Lévi-Strauss
Richard III
William Shakespeare
The Dwarf
Alexandra Dick, Pär Lagerkvist
The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen
Wilfred Owen, Cecil Day-Lewis
Richard Wolin
Giotto to Dürer: Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery
Jill Dunkerton, Susan Foister, Dillian Gordon, Nicholas Penny
Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics
Hubert L. Dreyfus, Paul Rabinow
Gravity's Rainbow
Thomas Pynchon
A Gravity's Rainbow Companion: Sources and Contexts for Pynchon's Novel
Steven Weisenburger

Corot (Masters of Art)

Masters of Art: Corot - Madeleine Hours, Camille Corot Wonderful reproductions -- with short quick explanations on the facing page. The book includes an intelligent biographical essay at the front. And what magnificent paintings...!!! Oh...! I dreamt that death came upon me, and I found myself on a path, frozen for eternity... in a landscape of Corot....

Lady in Blue (1874) - painted just before his death

According to Hours, though known for his landscapes, it was the portraits that most attracted painters like Degas and Cezanne and Renoir