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Klee - Nello Ponente I picked this book up in a library 'bin' for $1.50 - and have been reading it at traffic lights (in the car) for several weeks... And for $1.50..., it's well worth the price. The book contains some wonderful prints, all color, fine quality, glued to the page -- and pictures I'd never seen -- in fact, nearly all the ones I wanted to post here can't be found on the internet --

Group of Trees, 1899, oil. Bern
Garden Scene with a Watering Can, 1905, Watercolor on glass. Bern (wonderful...!)
Classic Coast, 1931. Oil. Resor Collection. New Canaan, Conn. (-- even wonderfuller!)

Perhaps they're commonly known under different names...?

The text itself is translated from the Italian, and is stiff and unreadable -- in fact, it reads like it was translated into English from a German translation of the Italian...,

.... by a graduate student (.... in French).

Plus it's full of all that vague, meandering, portentous prose that seems to attract so many art historians.... Basically, I couldn't read it.

Anyway - worth getting for the pics....

(This review is not by me, obviously: http://www.amazon.com/Klee-Taste-time-Nello-Ponente/dp/B0007IT42K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1298509782&sr=8-1)