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Libra - Don DeLillo Spoilers -- kind of....

This is a really great book -- for most of it, I really loved this -- partially because I'm an assassination buff, but also because there's a taut intelligence and poetry in much of the writing, and also (I thought, at least) some really sublime characterization and lots of Plot MoMo. The treatment of David Ferrie -- for example when he meets with Carmine .... just great writing...

This is my first DeLillo - and I know a lot of people here think he's way overrated -- so I went in assuming he was no good -- in other words, I went in with anti-hype. And found him to be a moving, sensitive, very mortal writer -- writing about very moving and mortal things.

That said -- there were all through certain very subtle hints of weakness - very subtle -- DeL. sometimes spells things out for the reader that shouldn't have -- he should trust more in the reader's own insights... and then the ending, in my opinion, just failed -- for the very simple reason that a lot of time was spent rehearsing events that we've all seen a thousand times on video. He should have stopped 50 pages earlier...

That said -- I enjoyed this a lot...