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The Days of the French Revolution - Christopher Hibbert This book was disappointing -- I had expected more, given the positive reviews on Amazon.

Written for a general readership as an introduction, and promising only to present the events (and not an analysis) of the Revolution -- the author spends untold pages narrating the most trivial matters, describing tiny details of meetings and marches -- and then suddenly skips, in a clause, over the great issues of the day - it is disorienting and ultimately not very informative. Because the syntax and diction and even the punctuation are very British, the book doesn't read as quickly as something like this deserves --

On the plus side, the author presents a sympathetic (and plausible) account of the characters of Louis XVI and of Marie Antoinette -- as also of Danton, who here greatly resembles the magnificent portrait of Gérard Depardieu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danton_(1983_film)

I suspect there are much better things out there -- even for an introductory book.