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A Worldly Art: The Dutch Republic, 1585-1718 - Mariet Westermann This is a nice little book - with beautiful prints and full of insights.

I have to warn though, that the author does show a tendency, especially as the book proceeds - a tendency that is widespread in the Humanities - to confuse metaphor with analysis, and also to confuse the subject of analysis (that is, the author) with the object of analysis (in this case, the painting)..., and the tendency, finally, to confuse modern strategies of reading, thinking, being... with ancient and medieval ones. As a result, in the latter part of the volume at least, at least half of the sentences should have been omitted, as they do not state anything that is true.

In other words - anachronism rears its lazy head.

I realize that most readers won't be as put off by that sort of thing as I am, and I did enjoy the book and I did learn a great deal from it - but that is partially a function of how little I know about 17th cen Dutch art.