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Vineland (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin)
Thomas Pynchon
Tristes Tropiques
John Weightman, Doreen Weightman, Patrick Wilcken, Claude Lévi-Strauss
Richard III
William Shakespeare
The Dwarf
Alexandra Dick, Pär Lagerkvist
The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen
Wilfred Owen, Cecil Day-Lewis
Richard Wolin
Giotto to Dürer: Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery
Jill Dunkerton, Susan Foister, Dillian Gordon, Nicholas Penny
Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics
Hubert L. Dreyfus, Paul Rabinow
Gravity's Rainbow
Thomas Pynchon
A Gravity's Rainbow Companion: Sources and Contexts for Pynchon's Novel
Steven Weisenburger

Aristote Et Plotin Dans La Philosophie Arabe

Aristote Et Plotin Dans La Philosophie Arabe - Michel Fattal (Quite mediocre. The author is a specialist in Arabic Neoplatonism, and has published what is a collection of minor articles that were originally presented as conference papers. The first two essays deal with problems in Aristotle's de Anima, and are incompetent. My review will appear on-line fairly soon.)

A collection of minor papers on the Aristotelian and Neoplatonic tradition in al-Farabi and other Arabic writers... by a moderately competent scholar. These papers, which originated in conference papers, have already been published in Italian and/or Polish. Now they appear for the first time in French.

I'm really not sure why he has a wikipedia page... and I don't. But such is life....